Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#BradleyManning : #Guardian Hits Rock Bottom With Smear Campaign Against Wikileaks…

The Guardian entrapment operation organised by David Leigh and Nick Davies against Julian Assange has dragged that ‘newspaper’ into the amoral gutter.

On Twitter today, the official Wikileaks account tweeted “don’t trust The Guardian or the New York Tmes. They’ll use you and then hang you.” Such eloquence is damning and there is no doubt at all that The Guardian always intended to entrap Assange and pass his data to the NYT.

Assange was the unwitting victim of a nasty, calculated scam and The Guardian’s claim to be a ‘moral newspaper’ is shot to pieces. Their actions are no different than the News of the World.
But David Leigh does not see it the same way, unsurprisingly, he maintains the self-proclaimed fantasy of working for a ‘moral newspaper’. There is no such thing in Britain and the newspaper industry is a cesspit of criminality, hypocrisy, dishonesty and outright immorality. more