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Bradley #Manning #Wikileaks - Hero Soldier Ethan McCord - Video Gets Oscar Nod


One of the most remarkable interviews relating to this whole episode came to light on April 20, 2010, when Kim Zetter at Wired revealed that she had located and interviewed one of the soldiers in the video.

He was Ethan McCord, 33, the father of three who had left the Army after seven years and was now living in Kansas. In the video, McCord was seen carrying the 10-year-old boy, Sajad, from the van to seek medical care. He had recently posted a letter online—with fellow soldier Josh Steiber—asking Sajad’s family’s forgiveness and backing the WikiLeaks release of the video.
McCord described his shock at seeing people “destroyed” on the ground and finding the badly injured children in the van, helping a medic take the girl to a nearby building, and then coming back for the boy. After carrying Sajad to a Bradley, “I got yelled at by my platoon leader that I needed to stop trying to save these mf ’n kids and go pull security….

“After the incident, we went back to the FOB [forward operating base] and that’s when I was in my room. I had blood all down the front of me from the children. I was trying to wash it off in my room. I was pretty distraught over the whole situation with the children. So I went to a sergeant and asked to see [the mental health person], because I was having a hard time dealing with it. I was called a pussy and that I needed to suck it up and a lot of other horrible things. I was also told that there would be repercussions if I was to go to mental health.

“I’ve lived with seeing the children that way since the incident happened. I’ve had nightmares. I was diagnosed with chronic, severe PTSD. [But] I was actually starting to get kind of better.… I wasn’t thinking about it as much. [Then I] took my children to school one day and I came home and sat down on the couch and turned on the TV with my coffee, and on the news I’m running across the screen with a more

The irony,  I can only find HERO Ethan McCord on a German You Tube . The Americans have no shame, a brutal disgusting elite murdering regime without mercy for their fellow men.

Bradley #Manning : News And Videos On Bradley Manning. Support Peace And Justice.

How Bradley #Manning's Fate Will Be Decided

We’ve now had the investigating officer as well as another officer this week recommend a court-martial to the Military District of Washington commander. What’s the next step?'s_fate_will_be_decided?page=entire#.Tx7G_eJubxk.twitter

Bradley #Manning : Has NOT admitted to releasing the emails, only the video that exposes the cold blooded murder of an innocent civilian and one of his children. He is required by law to report war crimes. Failure to do so is a violation of his oath. Support Peace And Justice.

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Bradley #Manning : Daniel Ellsberg Comes To Sebastopol - Support Peace And Justice!

Daniel Ellsberg gained fame 40 years ago when he released The Pentagon Papers, highly classified documents that revealed illegal actions by the government in the Vietnam War. Although he faced possible prosecution and imprisonment, his actions eventually helped end the war and to impeachment proceedings against President Richard Nixon that forced him to resign. The documentary about his efforts, “The Most Dangerous Man in America,” was nominated for a 2010 Academy Award.

Bradley #Manning : #Wuterich Mass Murderer Walks !

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Bradley #Manning - Remembering - One Year In Photos - SUPPORT Peace And Justice!

Bradley #Manning : Accusing #Wikileaks Of Murder

Iraqi man beheaded with gunfire at an American checkpoint Iraqi man beheaded with gunfire at an American checkpoint.

Iraq beheading Both Americans and Iraqis do beheadings using bombs.

by: Chase Madar, TomDispatch | News Analysis
Blood on whose hands? Bradley Manning, Washington, and the blood of civilians. 

Who in their right mind wants to talk about, think about, or read a short essay about... civilian war casualties?  What a bummer, this topic, especially since our Afghan, Iraq, and other ongoing wars were advertised as uplifting acts of philanthropy: wars to spread security, freedom, democracy, human rights, gender equality, the rule of law, etc.

A couple hundred thousand dead civilians have a way of making such noble ideals seem like dollar-store tinsel.  And so, throughout our decade-long foreign policy debacle in the Greater Middle East, we in the U.S. have generally agreed that no one shall commit the gaucherie of dwelling on (and “dwelling on” = fleetingly mentioned) civilian casualties. Washington elites may squabble over some things, but as for foreigners killed by our numerous wars, our Beltway crew adheres to a sullen code of omertà.

Club rules do, however, permit one loophole: Washington officials may bemoan the nightmare of civilian casualties -- but only if they can be pinned on a 24-year-old Army private first class named Bradley Manning.

Pfc. Manning, you will remember, is the young soldier who is soon to be court-martialed for passing some 750,000 military and diplomatic documents, a large chunk of them classified, to the website WikiLeaks.  Among those leaks, there was indeed some serious stuff about how Americans dealt with civilians in invaded countries.  For instance, the documents revealed that the U.S. military, then the occupying force in Iraq, did little or nothing to prevent Iraqi authorities from torturing prisoners in a variety of gruesome ways, sometimes to more

Bradley #Manning : Daniel Ellsberg The Truth Digger

For our first Truthdigger installment of 2012, we salute Daniel Ellsberg, who has taken a page from his experience with the Pentagon Papers and is still busy serving up a bracing dose of truth to power, most recently with his support of accused WikiLeaker Bradley Manning.

It’s not like Ellsberg ever hung it up after passing the explosive 7,000-page work of revelations about the U.S.’s involvement in Vietnam to the major American news media 40 years ago. In fact, he’s been quite busy, as you can see here and here. He has also composed a few pages of his own, as the author of three books—one of which, “Risk, Ambiguity and Decision,” is his doctoral dissertation. Ellsberg is one of those fortunate few whose major life decisions dovetailed with history in a way that proved beneficial for both the actor and the era in question.

Thus, it’s in keeping with his life’s ongoing legacy that Ellsberg would turn up again in the headlines in relation to Pvt. Bradley Manning, who also risked more than his own career to let the world in on some of America’s less lofty activities on the global stage. Ellsberg paid a visit late last month to the military courtroom at Fort Meade, Md., where Manning’s pretrial hearing was held, and on Friday, he told Truthdig’s Kasia Anderson about the parallels he sees between his story and Manning’s and about their brief, if interrupted, more

Bradley #Manning : Julian #Assange Rolling Stone Interview

julian assange
Assange poses for a portrait at his undisclosed location in the English countryside.
Max Vadukul
It's a few days before Christmas, and Julian Assange has just finished moving to a new hide-out deep in the English countryside. The two-bedroom house, on loan from a WikiLeaks supporter, is comfortable enough, with a big stone fireplace and a porch out back, but it's not as grand as the country estate where he spent the past 363 days under house arrest, waiting for a British court to decide whether he will be extradited to Sweden to face allegations that he sexually molested two women he was briefly involved with in August 2010.
Assange sits on a tattered couch, wearing a wool sweater, dark pants and an electronic manacle around his right ankle, visible only when he crosses his legs. At 40, the WikiLeaks founder comes across more like an embattled rebel commander than a hacker or more 

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Bradley #Manning : The U.S. Army Are Reading Your Bradley Manning Tweets

The Army used a commercial service called VOCUS to track traditional and social media coverage of Manning’s hearing. The Pentagon pays close attention to the volume of tweets about the U.S. military during high-profile incidents, like the Air Force One flyover that distressed New York City residents in 2009 …

Thursday, January 12, 2012

#BradleyManning :Should Face Court Martial Actions

Bradley Manning, accused of providing hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the WikiLeaks website, should stand trial on all the charges that have been brought against him, the investigating officer who conducted a hearing into the charges has last month concluded.

The Army announced the decision in a release emailed to reporters Thursday afternoon. It said Lt. Col. Paul Almanza, who presided over Manning's Article 32 hearing, had recommended that Manning face a general court martial, the military trial reserved for crimes for which the sentence can include lengthy prison sentences or death. His recommendation must still be approved by other officers.

The Army's release is below:

News Release
The U.S. Army Military District of Washington Guardian of the Nation’s Capital
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE #12-01 DATE: January 12, 2012
Investigating Officer Provides Recommendation in the Article 32 Hearing – U.S. Government vs. Pfc. Bradley E. Manning
FORT LESLEY J. MCNAIR, DC – The investigating officer assigned to the Article 32 Hearing for Pfc. Bradley E. Manning forwarded his recommendation to Col. Carl R. Coffman, the Special Court Martial Convening Authority, on Jan. 12, 2012. The investigating officer concluded that the charges and specifications are in the proper form and that reasonable grounds exist to believe that the accused committed the offenses alleged. He recommended that the charges be referred to a general court martial.

The Special Court Martial Convening Authority will now review the investigating officer’s report and determine whether the charges should be disposed of at his level or be forwarded to Maj. Gen. Michael S. Linnington, the General Court Martial Convening Authority for disposition at his level.

Pfc. Manning is charged with aiding the enemy; wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the internet knowing that it is accessible to the enemy; theft of public property or records; transmitting defense information; fraud and related activity in connection with computers; and for violating Army Regulations 25-2 “Information Assurance” and 380-5 “Department of the Army Information Security Program.”

If convicted of all charges, Manning would face a maximum punishment of reduction to the lowest enlisted pay grade, E-1; total forfeiture of all pay and allowances; confinement for life; and a dishonorable discharge.

Media queries may be emailed to the U.S. Army Military District of Washington Public Affairs Office at

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#BradleyMannin Billboard In Washington...

(Courtesy Bradley Manning Support Network)
Bradley Manning has had T-shirts, bumper stickers and posters created in his honor, and now he has a billboard in Washington.
Supporters of the Army private accused of providing a trove of U.S. government secrets to WikiLeaks have erected a billboard along New York Avenue NE in advance of an investigating officer’s recommendation on whether Manning should face a court-martial. “Free Bradley Manning,” reads the billboard, with a tag­line: “Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime.”

Sunday, January 8, 2012

#BradleyManning :The script for alleged Wikileaker Bradley Manning's hearing

POLITICO has obtained the script, which extends to 18 pages, including various addenda dealing with the handling of classified information. The script lays out statements for the Investigating Officer Lt. Col Paul Almanza and for the prosecutors, while places for comments by defense counsel were generally left blank.

The script was generally adhered to but not entirely. For example, when Almanza closed the hearing to hear classified evidence he said representatives of "relevant government agencies" would be allowed to stay in the courtroom. The script says "relevant victim agencies."

The script, submitted as part of a public court filing, is posted here.

Almanza's recommendation on whether Manning should face a court martial and on what charges is due Jan. 16 unless extended.

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