Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nothing to do with Bradley Manning's situation. But these links take you to hell...and dehumanise you to such an extent, one is capable in the end of almost anything. AND there is little doubt Bradley Manning is being made an example of...

 Silverstein claims that "no human contact” status is essentially a form of torture reserved for those who kill correctional officers.

"When an inmate kills a guard, he must be punished," a BOP official told author Pete Earley. "We can’t execute Silverstein, so we have no choice but to make his life a living hell.

 Otherwise other inmates will kill guards too. There has to be some supreme punishment. Every convict knows what Silverstein is going through. We want them to realize that if they cross the same line that he did, they will pay a heavy price.

" [3] Ted Sellers, a former convict who met Silverstein during 25 years spent in jail, said he became a "legend" at Leavenworth

Sellers told BBC News Online, "He is not as bad as they portray. Sure he is dangerous if they push him to the wall. But there were some dirty rotten guards at Marion.... They would purposely screw you around. You are dealing with a person locked up 23 hours a day. Of course he's got a short fuse."[2]

 Thomas Silverstein